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Shri Krishna Children Central Academy , Ramnagar , Ambedkar Nagar has a learning environment which stimulates and inspires our students to unfold their true potential. We foster an environment in which our students not only achieve excellence in academics, sports and co-curricular activities but also grow as credible individuals who would prove to be the thought leaders of tomorrow. We believe in preserving moral and human values in every child, and are also aware that every child is unique; therefore we have created an environment that's ideal for joyous learning where teachers act as facilitators, and aim not to teach children but to raise them in order to bring out the best in each one of them

vision and mission

We don't just abide by our vision to impart knowledge streams that aim at fulfilling the sole purpose of education and take in account of the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development of the child. We also integrate our vision of being at par with the contemporary culture and keep scaling up the information channels to present a true and holistic picture of the time for our students To inculcate a more Global Perspective, we use the latest techniques and aim to foster a learning environment which caters to children coming from different parts of the state & society equally. Our purpose is to create harmonious bonds and exemplify how to exist together in the global society with a harmonious acceptance for varied cultures and traditions. The school focuses not only giving wings to the ambitions of its students but also keeping the children grounded by instilling morals, ethics, values, and respect for our rich culture, thus making it all comprehensive for the children.

"Shri Krishna Children Central Academy is a renowned Professional and educational institute for oneday competitive exams. The institute provides proper guidance for all students. We have designed our teaching in a manner that systematically equips candidates with the knowledge and techniques required while taking any exam and help them to progress in their career. "

   `                                                       - Mr. R.S. Gupta ,Hon. Principal , S.K.C.C. Academy

''It is matter of great pleasure that Shri Krishna Children Central Academy , Ramnagar , Dist. Ambedkar Nagar (UP) is launching website of the school. I congratulate the head of the School, Staff and Student of this endeavor. Today we all know the importance of the internet and website. By accessing the website we can gather any information and data within no time. It has brought the whole world very close. I hope the user will like its design "

- Mr. R.R. Yadav , Hon. Manager , S.K.C.C.Academy